2.0 training cable pass

15 min

20 €

Includes: coach + equipment (wakeboard, helmet, vest)

By pre-booking or on-site queuing.

5.0 full-size cable pass

2 h
4 h
1 day*
2 days
3 days
4 days

26 €
30 €
35 €
62 €
80 €
95 €

Includes: equipment (wakeboard, helmet, vest).

* A day ticket for children under 14 is with discounted price of 30 €.

5 x card (valid for a season)
Season ticket
Season ticket (M – Th)

140 €
480 €

350 €

The cable park ticket will be loaded on a reusable chip. The price of the chip is 5.50 €, this will be added to the price of a ticket. After the use, we’ll buy the chip back for 5 €.

Bounce City Pass

1 x 50 min
Attendant of a child under 9 years of age
Day ticket

10 €
4 €

20 €

Family discount (2 adults + 2 or more children)

Group discount information: info@wpark.ee

-20 %

Ticket prices marked above are per person.

At Bounce city it is obligatory to wear a safety vest! The vest is included in the ticket price

Children under the age of 9 are not allowed to go without an adult attendant.


Zero to hero (1 day)

60 €

Includes: coach + equipment (wakeboard, helmet, vest) and 3 x 15 minutes pass on traning cable + full-size cable day ticket with instructions. If you visit us without prior experience, then by the end of the day you should be able to glide and execute basic manoeuvres on the wakeboard independently.

Hero to superhero (1 day)

55 €

Includes: coach + equipment (wakeboard, helmet, vest) and 15 minute training course pass + full size cable day pass with 1 hour of instructions. Come and hone your skills under the guidance of an experienced coach.


65 €

Superpass is a daily pass for the whole wakepark, including a calipso, if needed. Superpass applies for all Wpark’s products and services, such as 5.0 full-size cable, 2.0 training cable, Bounce City, SUP-boards, pedal boats and anything else that can be found on WPark’s webpage under services.

Friends 3–5 persons (2.5 h)


Includes: coach + equipment (wakeboard, helmet, vest) and 1.5 h training course booking for the group + 1 h full-size cable pass. Visit us with family or friends and discover a new, cool hobby for yourself.

Private coach (45 min)


*Packages available only by pre-booking.

* Daily packages include coach’s instructions and tips during first 3 hours.

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