Introducing Weiko. He is a serious guy, doesn’t talk much. In fact, he rarely speaks at all. Everyday situations that may seem annoying or frustrating to others, seem irrelevant or even humorous to him. His focus is on one thing at once and mostly, it’s wakeboarding.

What is the essence of summer?

Water splashing from underneath the wakeboard.

What is your superpower?

Superhuman concentration.

A good mood formula?

Everybody needs some time to think about nothing. You know, to simply sit and stare at the Sun.

Favourite trick with a wakeboard?

The only thing Weiko is serious about, is wakeboarding. He is truly an enthusiast. All tricks seem cool and he’d love to perform them all with utmost excellency. So, there’s always something to improve. Like how to really master that 360-degree jump? Maybe if he could get the speed higher before the jump?

A tip you always keep in mind?

Practice makes perfect.

Weiko Kamari järvel veelauakeskuse Wpark taustal