You don’t often come across adventure parks that look like giant towers. The most unique adventure park in Estonia, a 9-meter-high tower built on several wooden pillars has been set up here in Põltsamaa, at the summer mecca of WPark.

Here at WPark we enjoy a little bit of adrenaline and active vacation. So, it seemed like a cherry on top of a cake that swinging and climbing in heights would be added to the list of activities you can do here. In the adventure park, you will climb one floor at a time, each next floor being slightly cooler, more fun and a little more difficult than the last. You would literally be levelling up. This is the only adventure park in Estonia, where you can slide on a zipline across the lake Kamari and land on a small island in the lake. Or, as we cannot go without water here, you can also land right in the water!

Sounds a bit crazy? It kind of is! But you can enjoy the feeling knowing that you are completely safe while climbing. At Põltsamaa Adventure Park, Kong security system is used, which ranks as the safest system in the world of adventure parks.

Usually, a two-carabine system is used in adventure parks, which means that when moving from one obstacle to another, the climber shall move the carabines in turn so that one carabine would be attached at all times. In parks with Kong system, the climber doesn’t even have a chance to detach the carabines.

In addition to safety measures, one of the biggest advantages of Põltsamaa Adventure Park is that groups can climb together and will not fall apart while climbing the trails. The group – whether it is colleagues, friends, or family – can support and encourage each other and share their experience. Different seasons and weather also don’t play a part when it comes to climbing. Snow, rain, and dim evenings only add some spice to the adventure. Altogether, the six trails of the park have 90 games or obstacles for climbers to tackle, including several completely epic descents. One thing is for sure – emotions are high here.


Adventure park tickets

Children with the height 115-140 cm
Youngsters with the height 140+ cm
Zipline “with a plash” 130m x3

Family discount (2 adults + 2 or more children)

15 €
19 €
23 €
10 €



General information

OÜ Wakepark
+372 54 56 82 22


Kamari järv, Põltsamaa, Estonia

Opening times

Mon-Fri 12-21
Sat 11-21 (Cafe “Kohwik W” 9-21)
Sun 11-19 (Cafe “Kohwik W” 9-19)  
For further information let us know via e-mail: info@wpark.ee

Additional information

Joel Pärle, WPark’s manager,
+372 56 22 23 04



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