Wakeboarding trainings


Every Saturday and Sunday, wakeboarding trainings are taking place on our full-size 5.0 circuit cable. Our trainers provide theoretical wisdom and practical knowledge to both beginners as well as to slightly more experienced riders. Add supportive words and cheering to that combo and the full-size cable will soon be conquered!

Group trainings take place in three different groups:

  • level 1 beginners – trainings take place every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30-11.30 AM
  • level 2 advanced – trainings take place every Saturday at 16.00-18.00
  • level 3 experienced – trainings take place every Sunday at 17.00-18.30

Which group is for you?

Level 1 is for all big and small enthusiasts who have never tried wakeboarding before or have only ridden on 2.0 tracks. In these trainings, we will practice take-off on low speed and hopefully you will manage to slide successfully, at least until the first curve. The fee for one class is 35 euros.

Level 2 is for you if you already know how to take off at the start of the track and have ridden at least 2 rounds on the full-size 5.0 cable without falling. In class, we will go over different ways of take-off, practice riding with opposite leg leading and hopefully manage to get some air or sliders underneath the board. The fee for one class is 39 euros.

Level 3 is mostly about learning freestyle trick for the more experienced riders. We will go over what we have previously learned and fine-tune our parkour skills. In classes, we will focus more on specific tricks and students can get ready for their first competitions. The fee for one class is 39 euros.

The participation fee includes a trainer, necessary equipment and 2-hour full-size cable pass.

GET YOUR TICKET HERE or purchase it from us at WPark. Contact us to sign up for class!