Estonian champions in wakeboarding 2021 revealed

Eesti parimad veelauatajad

On August 14th, Estonian Open 2021 aka Estonian championships in wakeboarding were held here at WPark. It’s safe to say, the competition got pretty heated. Let us introduce to you the Estonian champions in wakeboarding!

The most surprising was the action in Pro men category. It tested not only the participants’ wakeboarding skills, but also their strategic planning. The expected runner-up list was turned upside down and the performances in the name of the title were truly captivating to follow. Eventually, Mihkel Ustav came out a champion. Estonian champion in Pro women class is Mariliis Siimon.

Estonian champions in amateur men and women categories are respectively Paul Zupping and Liina Laul.

Junior (up to 16 years, incl.) champions are Laura Anga, for the second year in a row, and Tauri Kalmet. “Tauri practiced very purposefully the whole season for the Estonian Open 2021 and achieved his goal to ride well. He managed to pull off every single trick he had learned and conquered every obstacle he had planned to take. For only his second year of wakeboarding this is an excellent result!” say his proud trainers.

See more precise results of the competition HERE.

Compared to last year, there were 15% more participants this year. Altogether, we saw 59 participants in different competition categories. “This can be considered as an adequate representation of the rise in the number of people engaged in wakeboarding in Estonia,” says Joel Pärle, the manager of WPark. In addition to Estonians, five Lithuanians also participated this year.

According to national instructions for carrying out large events, vaccination certificates were checked at the gate. Guests and participants were also given a chance do a COVID-19 speed test. All participants and organizers were happy with the event and were confident to say it was a success. “We hope that the season of 2022 enables people to travel more freely and will bring even more guest competitors to Estonia,” Pärle adds. Altogether, despite the slightly difficult circumstances, WPark hosted 250 guests during the Estonian Open 2021.