New adventure park is open at WPark!

Põltsamaa adventure park

During the summer, many have probably noticed that there is some action going on by the volley ball fields – a giant tower is rising. This is a unique adventure park, that is now open! Unique, because nowhere else in Estonia can you ride a zipline and land straight into the water!

There are not many adventure parks that look like towers. You can climb them floor by floor and each following level is slightly more exciting and a little more challenging. And let’s be honest – the views are better from higher grounds!

Safety first

In the new adventure park, Kong security system is used, which – in the world of adventure parks – is considered to be of the safest. Usually there is a two-carabine system in Estonian adventure parks. That means that you need to open the carabines one by one when moving from one obstacle to another. One carabine would always have to be secured. However, using the Kong system, the climbers will not even have the chance to open the carabine while climbing. This makes Põltsamaa Adventure Park much safer for children, whose parents don’t yet trust them to be responsible for their own safety.

There is one more adventure park in Estoni, which uses Kong system – this is Pirita adventure park in Tallinn. All the rest of Estonian adventure parks use the described two-carabine-system. Most adventure parks south from Estonia also use two-carabine system, however Western Europe and Northern Europe (especially Finland) are moving towards Kong system.

Parents can climb with their children

The new adventure park is suitable for everyone from 7 years of age or from the height of 115 cm. Youngsters up to 140 cm can climb on the first 4 tracks. WPark has and additional children’s track for smaller kids, which is free of charge for everyone. Good news is that there is no upper age limit for climbing – in other similar parks, even 90-year-old active people have gone climbing.

Starting from 115 cm of height, everyone can climb together on the same tracks. This means that parents can climb together with their children. The tracks are designed so that every next obstacle is slightly more difficult. Climbers can decide on the go, whether they want to take the next obstacle or not. If not, they can turn back and repeat the tracks they already went through.

There are, of course, instructors who assist from the ground and give tips on how to best solve the next game. If necessary, they come up and help.

One of the biggest advantages of a tower adventure park like this is that when coming climbing together with family or friends, the group will not fade across the forest, but sticks together. Climbers can see and hear each other, can cheer each other on and share tips on how to move forward. As a bonus, the highest level is designed so that the black track ends with the most exciting jumps and other climbers can observe them very closely.

Tracks and zipline rides like nothing you’ve seen before

Põltsamaa Adventure Park has six tracks on three different levels. Two green tracks are 2 meters form the ground. Two blue tracks are 6 meters high and red and black track are 9 meters off the gournd. On the green tracks, there are two approximately 30 meter long zipline rides. The blue tracks end with a free fall jump. Red and black track end with a 130-meter-long zipline ride across the Kamari lake, where you’ll land on a small island. Additionally, you can have a 120-meter-long zipline ride from the blue track, that ends with landing in the lake.

Together with the zipline rides, the three floors and six tracks of the adventure park have 90 obstacles altogether.

The best time to climb

…is here and now! There are no seasonal limits when it comes to climbing the adventure park. As always in Estonia, you should dress according to the weather and the experience you get is different every time, depending on the weather conditions. When it’s windy, it’s even more thrilling. Rain makes the tracks a little slippery, which makes it more difficult, yet exciting to climb. Therefore, wind, rain and snow only make the experience more adventurous, but it is still as safe as ever to climb. The only restrictions are thunder and very strong storms, which make it dangerous to climb. When it’s a hot summer day, you should wear a hat and drink water at the end of every track. Landing in the water also helps with the heat! Nowhere else in Estonia can you experience a landing like that.

On spring and summer evenings, the adventure park is luminated and climbing in the dark with lights on is definitely different from the white summer nights. One could even say it’s more romantic. If you want to go climbing with a larger group, you might want to consider that evenings and mornings are usually less crowded on the tracks. Who prefers more uplifting environment, then you might prefer to climb in the middle of the day, when there’s often more people on the tracks.

Activities for everyone

One of the biggest advantages of Põltsamaa Adventure Park is that in addition to climbing, there are plenty of more activities that are suitable for every age group. Surely everyone will find something they like. For smaller kids, there is an adventure track that is free of charge. There is also a floating Bounce City that is fun for adults and children alike. You can relax on the beach or on the terrace, while observing what the other family or group members are doing. If you don’t feel like wakeboarding, you might want to try a SUP-board or play volley ball instead. Before the nightfall, you can settle in in one of the glaming tents, wo your active holiday could last more than one day.


  • Children with the height 115-140 cm 15 €
  • Youngsters with the height 140+ cm 19 €
  • Adults 23 €;
  • Zipline “with a splash” 130 m x 3 10 €